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Orange Sky Sailing LeRoy Neiman Originals 702-222-2221
Orange Sky Sailing
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Dimensions: 29" x 36" (73.66x 91.44 cm)
Medium: Serigraph
Date Completed: 1998
Description: A LeRoy Neiman Serigraph. This LeRoy Neiman is available as an original LeRoy Neiman, call 702-222-2221 or fill the form out on this page to inquire on buying or selling LeRoy Neiman originals and LeRoy Neiman Serigraphs from NeimansOnly.com we carry Original Neimans.A limited edition of 250 numbered impressions; 50AP, 5PP, signed by the artist Knoedler Publishing's February, 1998 release is LeRoy Neiman's limited edition serigraph entitled "Orange Sky Sailing". Like yachtsmen attacking the waves, LeRoy Neiman attacks canvases with energetic strokes of vibrant, bold color. In "Orange Sky Sailing" Neiman interprets the power and grace of ocean yacht racing. Under a dramatic sky of blazing orange and fiery red, two boats engage in oceanic competition, riding on the wind. With the leader off in the distance, the dominant vessel in the foreground trails. The wind fills its huge blue and green sail, straining its lines and pulling the yacht ever forward. The three-man crew, its attention firmly fixed on the target ahead, appears small amidst the elemental forces of wind and sea. Both watercraft lean hard with the wind, churning roughly through the sea and blowing salty white spray in their wake. In contrast to this tense scene, white seagulls lazily drift on thermals, while a distant white pleasure boat seems to stand perfectly still. Every few years, Neiman explains, he likes to return to the sailing motif: "Liquid paint, acrylic and enamels lend themselves to the tumult and drama of the open sea. It is like an exercise of freedom to allow the paint to reign". A master of color and composition, LeRoy Neiman gives his collectors an exciting addition to his nautical oeuvre, "Orange Sky Sailing".
This piece is part of Sports and Sailing

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