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LeMans Grand Prix d'Endurance LeRoy Neiman Originals 702-222-2221
LeMans Grand Prix d'Endurance
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Dimensions: 28” x 38” (71.1 x 96.5 cm)
Medium: Serigraph
Date Completed: 2004
Description: A LeRoy Neiman Serigraph. This LeRoy Neiman is available as an original LeRoy Neiman, call 702-222-2221 or fill the form out on this page to inquire on buying or selling LeRoy Neiman originals and LeRoy Neiman Serigraphs from NeimansOnly.com we carry Original Neimans.A limited edition of 295 numbered impressions; 50 AP, 8 PP, signed by the artist In this famous sports car endurance race first held in 1923, high performance vehicles ranging from prototypes to streetcars, race simultaneously in a number of different classes, with the overall winner being the team that covers the greatest distance in twenty-four hours. LeRoy Neiman’s vibrant color captures the exhilaration and speed of cars thundering down straights at well over 300 km/h. Spectators are gripped in the suspense of this human and technical challenge as drivers test the limits. This exceptional circuit, the longest in the world, exists in an aura created by the world’s most renowned and greatest drivers in motor sports. Since 1923, Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari, Jaguar, and Porsche have contributed to the mystique of the Le Mans legend. In Le Mans Grand Prix d’Endurance the scene is set as we witness the waving of the French flag, signaling the famous “Le Mans start.” Neiman places us in the viewing stands. We are the spectators. Multicolored flags representing the participating nations wave proudly in the breeze, the tension and excitement builds. The cars pull out and we’re off! Racecar enthusiasts or not, you can’t help being caught up in the thrill of the moment. A moment transformed with the vigor, the energy and the extraordinary brushwork of the artist, LeRoy Neiman. To quote the artist, “A twenty-four hour race, the scene, even more surreal than Indy, bars and parties going full blast, a rich variety of mementos for sale, nonstop music and the never-ending drone of engines.”
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